cfdocumentsection doesn't render properly


When using cfdocumentsection, the layout get rendered improperly:

  • no style rendering if css is in the body of the cfdocumentsection tag

  • no style rendering in <cfdocumentitem type="header" or "footer"> even with css inside it.

In fact nothing really work, even pagebreaks are a problem.

I am for now using merge from different docs to perform my tasks but would really appreciate to get the tag working as it should.


Linux CentOS 6 server
All clients


Antonin Moy
November 8, 2016, 1:14 PM

Do you have any news about that bug correction ?

I will also add this:

If not using cfdocumentsection items in 'header' and 'footer' get sized incorrectly, for exemple:

  • document of 210 mm width

  • margin for doc of 2 x 7mm > workable width should be 196mm

  • you have to size the width of any item in header of footer to 193/193mm to get it shown completly otherwize its overflowed and cut.

in the body section, no problem, 196mm fits


Pothys - MitrahSoft
April 19, 2017, 7:59 AM
  • I've added

  • file and PDF document for

  • /

  • /

  • .

  • In Lucee-5.versions the header and footer can't display any data when cfdocumentsection is used. But in CF it's working fine.

  • In Lucee-4.versions the header and footer display the data but cfdocument.totalpagecount in page footer is wrong as it is always equal to cfdocument.totalsectionpagecount.

  • Forum link which relates to this issue, Cfdocument error on total page count.


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