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Lucee still tries to run perm gen checks on Java 8


Lucee has checks like these:

1 Free Perm Gen Space is less than 5% free: shrinking all template classloaders : consider increasing allocated Perm Gen Space
1 Free Perm Gen Space is less than 2Mb (free:"+((SystemUtil.getFreePermGenSpaceSize()/1024))+"kb), shrinking all template classloaders");

These messages are confusing on Java 8 since there is no perm gen space. I'm not even sure if the logic in place is doing what we want it to since it's based on the names of the MemoryPoolMXBeans on the JVM. Let's review the logic on Java 8 to make sure it's finding the right memory space and improve the messages to not refer to "perm gen" on java 8




Michael Offner


Brad Wood