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structGet() incompatibility with ACF


The Lucee docs for structGet() are correct but cfdocs are not, and it may just be that the Lucee docs are incomplete. Lucee correctly specifies that structGet will return a struct at the specified path, but cfdocs (and ACF) indicate that you can use structGet() to drill down to a value. For instance, the Lucee docs example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 animals = { cat: { activities: { sleep: true, eat: true, drink: true } } }; // Get cat activities in animals getCatActivities = StructGet("animals.cat.activities");

This works fine, but per cfdocs and ACF, you should be able to do:

1 getCatActivities = StructGet("animals.cat.activities.sleep");

...and get true. Lucee returns an empty struct, because there is no struct called sleep ... just a key.

Lucee's approach makes sense to me but it may be worthwhile to support the same usage that ACF does.



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Samuel W. Knowlton



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