ACF 2018 Update 5 compat (new functions)


This is a master ticket to track the list of enhancements added in Adobe CF 2018 update 5

New Array functions:

  • ArraySome

  • ArrayEvery

  • ArraySplice

New Struct functions:

  • StructSome

  • StructEvery

New Query functions:

  • QuerySome

  • QueryEvery

  • QueryAppend

  • QueryPrepend

  • QueryRowSwap

  • QuerySlice

  • QueryClear

  • QueryRecordCount

  • QueryReverse

  • QueryInsertAt

Regex changes for the following functions: (

  • ReFind

  • ReFindNoCase

  • ReReplace

  • ReReplaceNoCase

  • ReMatch

  • ReMatchNoCase

New parameter includeEmptyFields in the following functions:

  • ListAppend

  • ListPrepend

Other language upates:

  • GetMetaData - Changes in Array.GetMetaData() struct keys. See the function history for more information.

  • QueryNew - Insert rows in a query object as array of structs.

  • cfchart - Added attribute base64.

  • Member functions - Contains member functions for the newly added functions.

  • Array Notation for Strings in ColdFusion - Access sub-strings using array notation by using positional ranges.

ColdFusion Administrator changes

  • Use Java as Regex Engine - Specify if Java must be used as regex engine. There is also an equivalent Application.cfc variable, useJavaAsRegexEngine. New engine is


Michael Offner


Brad Wood