Regression: fontDirectory not used in new PDF engine


On the new PDF engine, the fontsDirectory seemed to not be used at all. The file is not created and the fonts are not used. It may be related to this commented out line:




Brad Wood
January 12, 2021, 2:26 PM

are you saying that it's impossible to have any sort of custom fonts in the new PDF engine that Lucee uses?

no what i say is that that pd4ml specific way to do it, is no longer supported.

You, say "no", but I swear you mean "yes". It still sounds like you're saying there is no way to use custom fonts. If this is wrong, then please explain how to use custom fonts in the current version of Lucee because I can't figure it out and the fontDirectory is no longer supported from what I'm reading. This really should have all been clearly documented back when Flying Saucer was implemented.

Pothys - MitrahSoft
3 days ago

, I've attached a zip file for cfdocument with type ( modern and classic ). If we check fontdirectory with type = "modern" means, fontdirectory will work.
And but, if we use type="classic", the font directory will not work. Please check it and report.

Brad Wood
3 days ago

I'm confused because "type" isn't even a valid attribute to the cfdocument tag:

We should not be adding feature without documenting them!

Nonetheless, my ticket above was entered in because I couldn't get it working on the modern PDF engine. This ticket of yours appears to be for the same issue, yes?

Zac Spitzer
3 days ago

type is, it just doesn’t show up in docs for some reason?

Zac Spitzer
3 days ago

that’s quite odd, I have filed a bug about the missing attribute


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Brad Wood




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