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  1. LDEV-426

Datasource editing of non-existent databases has long wait time


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      It was brought to my attention that when editing a datasource for a database that is no longer available (e.g. has been moved) in the admin (server or web) takes a long time (45-60 seconds) to respond and bring up the form.

      It appears to be trying to do some sort of validation when editing a datasource like it would when you create or update one. This seems unnecessary when simply editing the datasource and, in cases where lots of databases are being moved and lots of datasources need to be updated, this seems to take forever.

      I've verified the form does take a long time to load by spinning up only my app VM and not it's database VM and then trying to edit the datasource in both server and web admins.

      It was also mentioned the same wait condition was experienced by those using the cfadmin api to effect those changes under these same conditions - discovered when attempting to automate a migration via script. I haven't reproduced this, but it sounds reasonable since they both use the same underlying code




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