Improve visibility of "Update me" icon on Extension


Currently in the extensions - Applications overwiew, all extensions get an information icon "Update me" and when I look in detail to the possible update path, it seems, the flag is always visible if any of the update pathes have an newer version. It is for Release, Pre-Release and Snapshot.
For me as customer with a very important production environment, I would expect for prod systems only get fully tested and released versions of extensions to be offered and not an "BETA" version as I see.
I remember, in a former version of Lucee Server Admin for the Core Update, there was a selection of path to search for updates "Production" or "Snapshots"
I would be very happy to have the same function for the Extensions and it save me a lot of time not to go through all extensions to recordnize "Oh, the update is only a beta, bot sufficient for the prod system".





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