Scheduled Tasks not passing Authorization header


While migrating an application's scheduled tasks from ACF to Lucee, I found that, even though the username and password were provided on the task, Lucee was not sending an Authorization header.

Using Powershell or Postman, I can use basic authentication on the exact same task URL and get the expected Authorization header. But, through the task, no header exists in the request.

I've got the same result with a standalone install of Lucee on Windows Server 2016 and commandbox instances of Lucee on that same server and on Windows 10 with versions 5.3.2+77, 5.3.5+92 and 5.3.6+61

I've created the ask manually and through cfschedule(...), I've executed the task manually and on a scheduled interval. In all cases, there is no Authorization header. The only headers are;

  • Accept-Encoding

  • Connection

  • Content-Type

  • Host

  • User-Agent

Below is a simple test I've used to see this behavior. The resulting scheduled task passes an authorization header fine in all versions of ACF from ACF10 to ACF2018.


Windows 10, Windows Server 2016
Lucee stand alone
Lucee with Commandbox (5.3.2+77 and up to the latest


Pothys - MitrahSoft


Bobby Hartsfield



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