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Enhance cfquery or anything that returns queries to return array of structs


Hibernate has a feature that returns array of maps instead of array of objects. Returning array of maps is consistently faster than even query objects. I would like to propose the ability for cfquery or any other tag/function that returns queries to return array of structs instead.

Merits For This Ticket:

1. Try to enable the return of array of structs for ORM related functions for improved performance and the other things below:
2. Enable it for cfquery, storedproc, etc in order to enable it for conversion to modern JS based apps or restful apps.
3. Enable it for having direct ability for map/reduce/filter abilities.

Adding a returntype would be nice for the cfquery, proc and ORM options

1 2 3 <cfquery returnType="query|array"> queryExecute() options {returnType="query|array") entityLoad() options {returnType="query|array")



Michael Offner


Luis Majano

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