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ScheduledTasks can burn up TCP connections


In windows there is an outgoing TCP connection limit of 5000 (though configurable)

We have a server with many instances of our application on it. It is a beefy server and it can handle it in terms of resources.

Our application sometimes have a scheduled task that we run every 30 seconds. Sometimes when our servers are some load those scheduled tasks get a little bit behind, meaning a scheduled task starts when the last one isn't finished, and when the conditions are just right our server uses all 5000 connections and most things do not work. Upon investigation we find that many of the connections are scheduled tasks getting behind.

We have a fix that has prevents lucee's scheduled tasks from starting when the scheduled task is already running, Obviously, this isn't the only thing we changed to improve the stability of our app, but we feel this (or something like it) is a good change. I am logging the issue so you are aware, and hope you would consider the pending pull request.


windows server 2012 R2



Michael Offner


Colby Litnak



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