Lucee startup takes 15 minutes to become available


We see some issues with Lucee in a corporate network.
For local development on Laptops or on our company site, where there is no restriction to block communication from Luceeserver-VMs to the public internet, the startup phase is very quick and at least 1 minute after restart Lucee can be accessed by Browser.

On our customer side, the Lucee restart needs up to 15 minutes to become available. Catalina.out seems to be quick, restart of Tomcat is fast and already processed. But it takes up to 15 minutes before the first requests are served by Lucee application.

Could it be case, that in the launch phase, Lucee try to contact the Extensions URL providers to look for possible updates? What happens if this connection was timed out? What is the timeout limit for this action?

You can test: Start a lucee from PC laptop connected with Internet and in parallel open the Lucee server admin. It will takes only seconds until the page was loaded.
Disconnect Internet connection (by Flight mode or unplug cable) and do the same steps, it takes minutes, until the Lucee Server admin was loaded.

Is there a switch to disable the Extension provider?
I cannot delete the extension provider as we manually update all extensions when we decide with the customer. How it can be deleted?





Michael Offner




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